Azure DevOps - Basics

Azure DevOps - Basics

DevOps is a suite of services you can implement end-to-end DevOps in your organization.

CI → Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of automating the integration of code changes from multiple contributors into a single software project.

CD → Continuous deployment (CD) is a software release process that uses automated testing to validate if changes to a codebase are correct and stable for immediate autonomous deployment to a production environment.

Continuous delivery (CD) is the automated delivery of completed code to environments like testing and development. CD provides an automated and consistent way for code to be delivered to these environments.

CM → Continuous monitoring is a systematic and ongoing process that uses automated tools and technologies to monitor the performance and security of an organization’s systems and processes.

Azure DevOps is a suite of services you can implement end-to-end DevOps in your organization. It includes services such as Azure Repos, Boards, Wiki, Build and Release pipelines, Test plans, Artifacts, etc.,

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Logically separate the projects

Azure DevOps includes the following services:

  • Azure Boards: A project management tool that assists teams in planning, tracking, and discussing work.

  • Azure Pipelines: A continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that automates software development, testing, and deployment.

  • Azure Repos: A Git repository hosting service that offers code version control.

  • Azure Artifacts: A centralized storage and management system for software artifacts such as NuGet packages and Docker images.

  • Azure Test Plans: A test management solution that assists teams in planning, executing, and analyzing tests.

  • Azure Security Center: A security management tool that assists teams in identifying and mitigating security threats.

Charges are based on the number of users and build and deployment agents you purchased during the month, plus the actual usage of other services that were used.

In the basic plan, you will get the first 5 users free of cost with all the services within certain limits except the Azure test plan, for which you need a Basic+Test plan subscription.

Azure DevOps Pricing

Two types of services provide

  1. Azure DevOps Services — Cloud offering

  2. Azure DevOps Server — On-Premises implantation (or) Own data center

Service limit applicable to these plans

The Visual Studio IDE is a creative launching pad that you can use to edit, debug, and build code, and then publish an app.

How to create a project

If you have any project side → Look bottom left side → Click Project setting you need to change.

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