Azure DevOps Series - Azure Test Plans

Azure DevOps Series - Azure Test Plans

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Azure Test Plans is a test management module within Azure DevOps that lets users manage test plans, test suites, and test cases for everyone in the software development process.

Using test plans, you can Azure Test Plans also provides a browser extension for exploratory testing and gathering feedback from stakeholders.

Activate the azure test plan trial period enable Organization + User side

User level change

Changes made

Access level

  • You should have Basic + test plan access to execute, create, and publish test cases

  • To execute the test cases using Test Runner, you should have at least basic access

  • To run exploratory testing with the Feedback extension, you should have stakeholder access

Create a Plan


A test suite is a set of tests designed to check the functionality and performance of the software. It collects individual test cases based on their specific purpose or characteristics.

The Azure Test Plans contain and configure test suites and individual test cases. Test suites are the collection of test cases. So, when you create a test plan, you must create test suites within it. Three types of test suites…

  • Static-based: You can use these test cases to group out other test suites or test cases.

  • Requirement based: These test suites are the basic test suites. They pull all the test cases for a given requirement.

  • Query based: these test suites pull a group of test cases from your project as per the requirement.

Create some dummy data for azure test plan

Azure Bioards → Create a new work item → Epic

Save the Epic

Go to the azure boards → Select Epic

Change the name Testing instead of UI Testing

Goto the azure test suite and change the work item type “Microsoft.EpicCategory

Run a query → Create suites

Add the test case

Another one test case created

Assign the test case for someone (users)

The test hub provides a central place for all test planning, execution, and analysis. Test hub displays the results of test runs. This includes all test runs, both manual and automated.

Goto the azure board check the work item. The test case reflected to the board.

First install the test & case feedback extension. I already add

Connect to the dev azure portal

Select the project

Execute the test case

Manually stop the test case

Capture the screenshot

Finally check the test case

Again run the second test case

Go to the azure board check the work item

Finally check the report

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