Day to Day activities for a DevOps Engineer

  1. Make sure that the pipeline is running smoothly — This is one of the most important tasks of a DevOps engineer to make sure that the CI/CD pipeline is intact and fixing any issue or failure with it is the #1 priority for the day. They often need to spend time troubleshooting, analysing and providing fixes to issues.

  2. Interaction with other teams — Coordination and collaboration is the key for DevOps to be successful and hence daily integration with the Dev and QA team, Program Management, and IT is always required.

  3. Work on Automation Backlog — Automation is the soul of DevOps so DevOps engineering need to plan it out and I can see DevOps engineer spending lots of time behind the keyboard working on Automating stuff daily.

  4. Infrastructure Management — DevOps engineers are also responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure required for the CI/CD pipeline and making sure that it’s up and running and being used optimally is also part of their daily schedule. Working on Backup, High Availability, New Platform setup etc.

  5. Dealing with Legacy stuff — Not everyone is lucky to work on the latest and newest things and DevOps engineers are no exception hence they also need to spend time on legacy i.e., in terms of supporting it or migrating to the latest.

  6. Exploration — DevOps leverages a lot from the available various tools, there are many options as open source, so the team needs to regularly check on this to make sure the adoptions are as required, this is something that also requires some effort not daily but regular basis. What are open-source options available to keep the cost at a minimum?

  7. Removing bottleneck — DevOps’s primary purpose is to identify the bottlenecks / Manual handshakes and work with everyone involved (Dev / QA and all other stakeholders) to remove them so the team spend a good amount of time in finding such things and build the Automation Backlog using this. How we can get builds faster?

  8. Documentation — Though Agile / DevOps stresses less on the documentation, it is still the important one that DevOps engineer does on daily basis, Be it Server Information, Daily Week chart, Scrum / Kanban board, or Simple steps to configure / backup or modify the infrastructure, you need to spend a good amount of time in coming up these artefacts.

  9. Training and Self Development — Self-learning and Training are very useful in getting a better understanding and many organizations encourage their employee to take the time out and do some of these and same holds for DevOps folks as well, So learn something new every day…

  10. Continuous Improvement as Practice — Last but not least, It’s up to the DevOps folks to build awareness of the potential of CI/CD and DevOps practices and building a culture of leveraging it for doing things better, reducing re-work, increasing productivity and optimizing the use of existing resources.

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