The Ultimate DevOps Bootcamp 2024 Pack by ProDevOpsGuy


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The Ultimate DevOps Bootcamp 2024 Pack by ProDevOpsGuy

Best 29 DevOps & Cloud Realtime Projects 2024 ( Videos ) + Ultimate DevOps/AWS Bootcamp ๐Ÿ’ฅ ( Notes + Videos ) + GCP Full edition - 2024 Year Combo Pack Sale

Master Your DevOps Skills & AWS, GCP with Real challenge ๐Ÿ”ฅ + Learn DevOps & Cloud in a few days

DevOps Bootcamp Description:

This program will prepare you with no experience in DevOps to take over DevOps tasks in your company. You will learn the most in-demand skills, such as container orchestration with Kubernetes, how to build a complete production ready CI/CD pipeline, automation with Terraform, Ansible, Python and many other essential tools, like Docker, AWS cloud, Git, Linux etc., which they can directly apply to the projects.

More importantly, you donโ€™t only learn the tools and their features, you learn the underlying concepts, which makes you able to transfer that knowledge to any alternative tool. You also learn the best practices behind those tools and concepts and why those best practices are important in different use cases.

Complete DevOps Bootcamp Syllabus: HERE

What youโ€™ll learn in Bootcamp:

  • Build Necessary Skills to Start DevOps Journey

  • Understand Containers

    • Docker

    • Kubernetes

    • OpenShift

  • Learn Networking and Application Basics

  • Get In-depth Knowledge of Popular Tools in DevOps

    • Orchestration and Containers
  • Understand Orchestration

    • Ansible

    • Puppet

    • Chef

  • Get Started with Programming with Python

๐Ÿ’ฅ Full Package at Rs. 280/- INR only - English Content

  • 36.5hrs Videos of DevOps Projects + GCP Full Edition + Ultimate DevOps Bootcamp

  • Direct Drive Link Provided for Download

  • Permanent Access to Videos

  • Unlimited Downloads for Lifetime

  • 24/7 Help Support

Course Pack Contains:

  • 29 DevOps Realtime Projects (more adding soon)

  • DevOps Complete Bootcamp of 273 Videos (More adding soon)

  • DevOps Bootcamp Complete Notes

  • Full Google Cloud 2024 Course with real-time projects

  • AWS DevOps Realtime Projects Included

  • New Year Special Videos Uploaded

What We Offer in This Course:

  • Unlimited Downloads for Videos

  • Lifetime Access to Content

  • Updated Content Every Month

  • 24/7 Support for Course Content

  • Adding New Videos Regularly

Extra Benefits:

  • Job Support if Needed

  • Job Reference if Required for You

29 DevOps Projects Content: ๐Ÿ’ฅ

  1. Automated Setup of 3 Tier Application Locally

  2. Lift & Shift Web Application on AWS Cloud

  3. Re-Architecture Web Application on AWS Cloud

  4. Continuous Integration of Java Project

  5. Continuous Integration Setup on AWS Cloud

  6. Continuous Delivery of Java Project

  7. Continuous Delivery Setup on AWS Cloud

  8. Project Configuration Management with Ansible

  9. Ansible for AWS Cloud Automation

  10. Continuous Delivery with Jenkins & Ansible

  11. Continuous Delivery with Jenkins & AWS Services

  12. Containerization of Java Web Project

  13. Kubernetes for Production Containers

  14. Java Project Deployment on Kubernetes Cluster

  15. CI/CD for Containers

  16. AWS Security Implementations

  17. CloudFormation to Setup Entire Cloud Stack

  18. Terraform to Setup Cloud Stack

  19. Google Cloud Networking

  20. Building and Deploying a Live Cricket Score App on Kubernetes

  21. Building a Python Weather App using Docker and Cloud Run

  22. Deploy python flask app on Google App Engine

  23. Deploying Python Flask App on Google Compute Engine

  24. CI_CD Pipeline using Cloud Build and Terraform

  25. CI_CD Pipeline using Jenkins and Terraform with GitHub Webhook Trigger

  26. CI_CD Pipeline with Cloud Build and Cloud Deploy for GKE Applications - Google Cloud DevOps Project

  27. Netflix Clone CI-CD Pipeline - Jenkins - Docker - Kubernetes - Monitoring - DevSecOps

  28. Mastering DevSecOps- Deploying Hotstar Clone on AWS EKS - Docker-Scout Step-by-Step Guide

  29. Playing with Docker Detached Mode and Logs


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